NKY ASAP Prevention Alliance

new prevThe Prevention Alliance espouses the philosophy that the most comprehensive, effective approach to reducing alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs is a blended approach that addresses both individual and environmental influences in a comprehensive way. Implementing a blended approach requires multidisciplinary teamwork; multiple sectors of the community working together; community assessment of the community-specific risk factors to know where to target resources; planning, capacity building, and partnerships; and, monitoring the problem and the implementation of strategies.
The effectiveness of community-driven prevention has been established. When all sectors of the community are involved in identifying the problem and finding community-owned solutions for it, the strategies are more likely to be implemented with consistency and maintained over time.

Drug Free Communities

To that end, the agencies of the Prevention Alliance have been promoting the development of the county coalitions around the Federal Drug Free Community program. Currently, there are three drug-free communities grants in Northern Kentucky: Carroll, Kenton (Erlanger/Elsmere), and the NKY Agency for Substance Abuse Policy Board