Generation Found

generation-found-screening-flyer_blank2-3See the film October 6th at Regal Theatre in Wilder, KY – 7:30 p.m.  Promoted by NKY People Advocating Recovery


From the creators of the groundbreaking addiction film, THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE, comes a transformative community story about the people of Houston who are fighting to save young people from the leading cause of death of their generation. GENERATION FOUND is a powerful story of young people, families, and their community believing not just in the individual process of recovery – but the community’s power to fertilize the soil of change.

The film captures both the story of families who have lost their children to addiction either by death or imprisonment, as well as families and young people who literally have a second chance at life because of the community seeds of sustainable recovery which have been planted in Houston. The leaders, participants, and volunteers of the recovery institutions will take viewers on an emotional, purposeful, and functional journey from problems to solutions. It is not only a deeply personal story, but one with real world utility for communities struggling with youth addiction worldwide.

Generation Found