Northern Kentucky’s 4-Year Plan

The Four-Year Plan was initiated in October, 2013 and runs through September, 2017.  Our mission is:  The people of Northern Kentucky will have access to life-saving and life-restoring resources for heroin addiction that will reduce its impact in our communities.

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Northern Kentucky’s Collective Response Final and Updated March 2014


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This work is dedicated to the families and friends who have lost loved ones due to heroin;
To those who are traveling the long, hard road of addiction recovery;
To Dr. Jeremy Engel for his unwavering passion and persistence toward a healthier Northern Kentucky;
To Mac McArthur for his vision and longstanding commitment to removing the stigma of addiction and promoting the thrill of recovery;
To Charlotte Wethington for her advocacy efforts for Casey’s Law and for being one of the first voices to give rationale for our vision and mission;
To the members of PAR and other advocates who are making the problem public and shifting the culture from addiction to recovery;
To the countless treatment, medical, and allied health professionals who provide life-restoring strategies;
To the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, educators, librarians, prevention specialists, and youth group leaders—anyone—who positively impacts the development of youth;
To the medical and emergency responders who provide life-saving services;
To the concerned citizens, faith-based groups, businesses, and community coalitions for operationalizing the vision and mission in their neighborhoods and communities; and
And to the officers of the NKY Drug Strike Force, Local Law Enforcement, the judicial system, and local governments who work fearlessly and tirelessly to get heroin and other drugs off our streets.